Obligatory foal judging - a part of a breeding sire's assessment

Foals by young breeding sires are judged in their own heats at the many foal shows in the stallion's two first years of showing crop. When - or if - the breeding committee has seen enough offspring they produce a foal description of each young breeding stallionk, thereby giving the breeders the valuable knowledge collected all over the country - does the stallion breed true? Or does the quality vary too much?

Birkegaardens Tequila by Tailormade Lancelot.
Birkegaardens Tequila by Tailormade Lancelot.

A foal description is the first impression of a breeding sire's quality in the breed. Even though a young stallion makes a superb performance test, he may not give his best qualities to his foals.

Therefore, the breeding commission collect their impressions of the youngest breeding sires’ offspring each year at the regional foal shows and make a written description of each stallion’s first crop of foals. Normally, around 15-20 foals have been inspected during one or two years. The foal desciptions can be read on www.hestedata.dk and on the stallion list when available. They should always be studied by breeders who want to use a young stallion for his or her broodmare.

When entering a foal show with DWB, you as breeder/owner do not have to inform us specifically, since the parting into heats is done at the main office.

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