Rules regarding Danish Warmblood foal shows and the evaluation

Rules regarding foal shows

§ 2.
Parted in heats like the following:

Heat 1 Colt foals, 1a dressage colts, 1b jumper colts
Heat 2 Fillies, 2a dressage fillies, 2b jumper fillies
Heat 3 Collection of offspring I
Heat 4 Collection of offspring II

Stk. 1. Only members of Dansk Varmblod can enter foals.

Stk. 2. Both dam and sire of all foals must be graded in DWB to be able to produce foals for the foal shows. The foal must be entitled to get a DWB passport, and if the sire is not licensed within DWB, mare owner must have applied for using the stallion in the year of covering/AI. The foal must have been registered with SEGES Heste and must not be registered with another society as well.

Stk. 3. Dansk Varmblod sets the fees.

Stk. 4. In Denmark there will be a chipmarking assistent from SEGES Heste, but abroad this may not be the case.

Stk. 5. Enrolment for Danish foal shows is made to the regions' own contact person, and for foal shows abroad this is agreed individually each year.

Rules for enrolling offspring collections

§ 1

The evaluation of an offspring collection can only happen at DWB foal shows or at the big national farmers' fairs in Denmark. The judges must figure on the current DWB list of conformation judges.

Offspring collection I
Collection by a maternal foundation dam, who may be a part of the collection. At least 3 offspring in direct mare lineage can be produced, no link must be missing (dam - her daughter - her daughter etc.) Younges mares must be at least 3 years old.

§ 3
Offspring collection II
Collection by a maternal foundation dam, who may be a part of the collection. At least 4 offspring of which the youngest must be at least 3 years old. In the collection mares, geldings and stallions may be shown.

§ 4
Apart from this the following applies re offspring collections:

  • The horses shown must be either registered or graded with Dansk Varmblod
  • The person who enrolls the offspring collection must be a member of the DWB society.
  • Both offspring collection types give the possibility to have the result noted in the passport/s of the horses involved

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