Mare gradings and performance tests

The mare lines are the corner stones of any horse breed. Strong, true-breeding mare lineages with either dressage- or jumping abilities above average and tested in the sport or at the mare performance tests have founded the increasing success of Danish Warmblood in arenas all over the world.

    Linear Scoring - a new way of judging your mare or foal - was introduced in the Danish Warmblood breed in 2014. View the new score sheets below that tell much more about your breedstock than the score sheets used so far.
    The sheets for foals/weanlings have been rationalized into a shorter linear scoring sheet by 2015.

    DF Carusela Blue at the 2012 Inspection at Oak Hill Ranch
    DF Carusela Blue at the 2012 Inspection at Oak Hill Ranch

    Danish Warmblood gives you a variety of possibilities as to how your mare should be tested and graded.

    Some foreigners use Danish riders to show them in Denmark, others have DWB gradings in their country, like the US inspection happening every other year.

    Next US inspection will be in September 2016 in a number of different states.

    You must be a member of Danish Warmblood to be able to enter a horse/mare for the DWB judges.

    If you are interested in hosting an inspection, please contact our treasure, Jane Hayes.

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