Next US Inspection

Due to Corona-related travel restrictions we have been forced to postpone the Inspection Tour planned for 2021.
We hope to be able to go through with the next US Inspection - with stallions, foals, and mares inspected by the DWB breeding commission in September/October 2022.

As we know that many NADWA members needs to have mares inspected in order to register foals etc. it has been decided to temporarily allow mares to be graded via video. Are you interested in presenting mares for the DWB judges via video, please contact Jane Hayes from the NADWA office.

Two broodmares and their foals - phot credit Thomas Bach Jensen
Two broodmares and their foals - phot credit Thomas Bach Jensen

Every second year, DWB judges visits the US for mare gradings, stallion licensings, and foal shows/identification markings.

Next "full" inspection with all kinds of evaluations as described above will be in September/October 2022.

From 2023 it may be possible to have foal identification marking the odd years, i.e 2023, 2025 etc, if we have enough breeders interested in this.

Please let the NADWA office know soonest possible, if you are interested in participating in one of the coming events, and if you are interested in hosting a mare grading and/or foal show with identification marking.

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