Charmeur PH DVH 1312

Standing at stud:
Tallin Farm - Danish Sports Horses LLC
139 Fairmount Road West
Califon, NJ 07830
Cell: +1 908 500 9914

Mogens Nielsen, Denmark

Grading description:

Big-framed, well-marked and harmonic stallion. Nice head. Average length of the poll. Long, sloping shoulder. Well-defined and long withers. Good topline. Long, well-shaped, and muscular croup. Adequate bone structure of legs. Slightly back at the knees in front. OCD in both hocks. Well-shaped hoofs. Well-balanced canter with good ground cover and good carriage. Jumps willingly with big capacity.

Type and conformation: 8
Head and neck: 7
Shoulders and withers: 8
Top line and hindquarters: 8,5
Front legs: 7,5
Hind legs: 5
Canter: 9
Jumping technique, loose jumping: 8
Jumping capacity, loose jumiping: 8,5
Overall impression: 8

Charmeur PH recieved covering licencing in 2016 and was finally approved in 2020.
Awarded with breeders' medal in Bronze.

WFFS status: Negative

Find more information about Charmeur PH on Tallin Farms website here

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