Tempest WT DVH 1314

During the US Inspection 2018 the young stallion Tempest WT was approved for the years 2018, 2019, and 2020.

From 2018
From 2018
From August 2019
From August 2019

Standing at stud:

Elly Schobel
P O Box 444
Montmorenci, SC 29839

Katheryn S. Schultz

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Grading description

Long-legges, suitably refined stallion of exquisite type. Average frames. Expressive Head. Well-set on neck. Long, sloping shoulder. Well-marked withers of proportional length. Very elastic topline. Long, well-shaped, moscular croup. Substantial dry front legs. Well-shapes big hooves. Thytmic, very roomy and energetic walk. Narrow at front. Very elastic, roomy and well-balanced trot. Roomy canter with very good self-carriage and balance and very good freedom at elbows.

Type and conformation: 9
Head and neck: 8
Shoulders and withers: 8,5
Topline and hindquarters: 8,5
Front legs: 7,5
Hind legs: 7
Walk: 9
Trot: 8,5
Canter: 9
Total impression: 9

WFFS status: Negative

Tempest WT recieved covering licencing in 2016 and has been lifetime breeding licensed in 2020.
Awarded with breeders' medal in Bronze.

Tailormade Temptation DVE 967 Tuschinski DVH 1216 Krack C 92.5860
Kalinja 92.10146
Nora 95.05156 Haarlem 89.2048
Wieny 80.3326
Angina RDH 5730 Andiamo DVE 592 Absatz DE331310405260
Furore DE331312301082
Ilia EDH 2597 Ibsen DH 262
Raubchen EDS 4331

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Dansk Varmblod


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