The complete stallion studbook

In the DWB stallion book there are many possibities to seearch for owner, breeding evaluations, Showjumper program, etc. The stallion book may contain several breedsires that are not alive or used or available in Denmark anymore, but they are there for historic reasons.

De Noir and Isabel Bache at the Gala Show in Herning, Denmark
De Noir and Isabel Bache at the Gala Show in Herning, Denmark

Regarding the Danish stallion book: Please be aware that several of the stallions may not be on the annual stallion list to which the stallion owner must actively enter his stallion for each breeding year. Breeding approval is only granted if stallion list fee has been paid for that stallion. In the US most stallion owners have paid for a lifetime stallion list fee.

The electronic stallion book
is only in Danish unfortunately. It contains both newly licensed stallions as well as older histroic, formerly used stallions. Some of the still living stallions in the stallion book may not be on the 2013 stallion list - so take care that if you choose to use a certain stallion as sire of your next foal that he is entered at the DWB stallion list 2013 or remember to apply for the use of his semen. Please see form below.

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