Rules regarding the DWB Showjumper Programme

Once a year the breeding commission goes through the applications from the many owners of showjumper prospects and - breedsires. The application must be received at the main office at the latest on October 1st.

In the comprehensive Danish horse database the showjumper logo is atttached to the horses taken into the programme, and in all catalogues every approved program mare or breedsire carries this visual mark.

Furthermore, foals born into the program get the logo on their passport. Older horses already approved for the program can have this logo added to their passport on the Agricultural Advisory Centre (Videncentret for Landbrug | Heste), this will cost a small fee, though.
Silver medal winner from OG in Sydney , Lando by Lancier, is also in the DWB Showjumper Program.Silver medal winner from OG in Sydney , Lando by Lancier, is also in the DWB Showjumper Program.Registering and breeding approval in the Showjumper Program

Horses can be appointed to the Showjumper Program in two ways:

1. You can apply for getting into the program, if a horse is graded with Dansk Varmblod and fulfills a number of specific demands.

2. Foals are registered automatically if both sire and dam are taken into the Showjumper Program. Foals born the season where dam has been taken into the program, can be taken in as well for free but following an application, if the breedsire is approved of.

Please refer to Lene Rasmussen on for further information.

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