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Advantages of Danish Warmblood/NADWA Membership

Members are entitled to use the protected logo - not commercially, though.

Furthermore, membership gives you the right to seek breeding advice regarding choosing the right stallion to the right mares at superior judge, Ms Signe Wiese

Breeding within this society opens for a security that when using stallions that are recognized and recommended by the society, your foal's equine passport and the general studbook keeping is carriied out by the totally secure, efficient, and certified studbook office at SEGES, Horses, originally known as the Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre, Dept. Horses.

Being a member and breeding Danish Warmbloods, you will be able to influence on the further positive development of the modern, Danish sport horse that has excelled all over the world the last decades.

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As a member you will get the possibility to:

- Register foals at member rate
- Stand approved NADWA stallions
- Be eligible for NADWA awards program
- Be eligible for USDF all breed awards

- Enter for gradings, shows and tests
- Advertise your Danish Warmbloods through NADWA sales database

NADWA horse membership application 2024

NADWA membership application 2024

For additional information, please contact Treasurer Jane Hayes on

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