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All dressage stallions have been judged21-03-2021 - 15:53

During the last four days, the DWB breeding committee for dressage horses have travelled around Denmark and judged a total of 52 dressage stallions.

Out of the 52 dressage stallions 46 were 3-year-olds stallions and six were 4-year-olds and older stallions.


On this the last day of the licensing the judges have seen five 3-year-old stallions by respectively Blue Hors Zackerey, Escolar, Sezuan, Totilas and Vitalis as well as four 4-year-old stallions under saddle.


Right now, the breeding committee is gathered to evaluate the licensing and make the final decisions about which stallions will be approved and which will not. They will also decide which stallions will be proclaimed Premium Stallions, and which of the older stallions will be proclaimed Champion.


The final result will be revealed already later today – around 8 0’clock Danish time.

In the meantime, videos and photos of all stallions are now available on the Stallions Licensing Website (look for “Hold 1 Drs”, “Hold 2 Drs” and “Hold 3 Drs”).


Stay Tuned!

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