Over 60,000 spectators flock to Danish Warmblood Stallion Show 2024 11-03-2024 - 10:53

After five days of stallion licensing, international dressage and jumping, and a total of 62.169 spectators and 1000 horses and stallions – the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in Herning was a huge success ... Læs mere

Danish Warmblood Stallion Show 2024 22-02-2024 - 10:23

The Danish Warmblood stallion show and licensing in Herning from 6 to 10 March is an impressive mix of breeding and sport, show and a jaw-dropping fair. ... Læs mere

Stallion Show Catalogue is ready! 01-03-2023 - 09:22

With a week to go, the catalogue for the Stallion Show 2023 is now online ... Læs mere

Inspection Tour 2022 catalog online 10-10-2022 - 09:54

  The inspection tour is coming up and now you can see which horses have been entered for the different venues. Have a look at the program/catalog here     ... Læs mere

The show must go on – and oh it did! 05-04-2022 - 11:41

Following two years in the shadow of Covid Danish Warmblood was finally back in Herning. No doubt everybody was delighted to be back and the 42nd edition of the show was packed with highlights for the nearly 60.000 visitors who came to enjoy 5 days of top sport and breeding. ... Læs mere

Pre-selections: 40 stallions ready for Stallion Licensing 2022 23-12-2021 - 10:45

The last two weeks, the DWB breeding committees for dressage and jumping respectively have been selecting stallions for next year’s Stallion Licensing. A total of 22 dressage stallions and 18 jumper stallions are now selected for the Stallion Licensing in March 2022. ... Læs mere

European finale of top dressage colts 22-03-2021 - 10:56

At the Danish Warmblood Licensing of Stallions 2021 it has been like a European finale among the best young dressage stallions hand-picked abroad and the best of Danish breeding. The licensing committee have appointed six premium stallions out of the 20 approved 3-year-olds ... Læs mere

The final result is in 21-03-2021 - 20:09

See here which stallions are approved for breeding (after having completed a 10-day observation test), which of the older stallions have achieved final licensing and which stallions have been proclaimed Premium Stallions and Champion Stallion. ... Læs mere

All dressage stallions have been judged 21-03-2021 - 15:53

During the last four days, the DWB breeding committee for dressage horses have travelled around Denmark and judged a total of 52 dressage stallions. ... Læs mere

Day 3 of Dressage Stallion Licensing 20-03-2021 - 18:29

On today’s third day if the DWB Dressage Stallion Licensing, the breeding committee has judged more than 20 young stallions. ... Læs mere

Day 2 of Dressage Stallion Licensing 19-03-2021 - 17:57

On the second day of the DWB Stallion Licensing for dressage horses, the breeding committee has judged 12 stallions. ... Læs mere

The first dressage stallions have been judged 18-03-2021 - 20:03

Today, this year’s licensing of DWB dressage stallions began as the breeding committee for dressage horses judged seven stallions. ... Læs mere

Approved and licensed jumper stallions 2021 18-03-2021 - 10:33

The DWB breeding committee has now revealed which 3-year old jumpers stallions are approved for breeding and which 4-year-old stallions received their final licensing.   ... Læs mere

All 28 jumper stallions have been judged 17-03-2021 - 19:23

The DWB breeding committee for showjumpers have finished the judging of the 28 3-year-old jumper stallions selected for this year’s Stallions Licensing. Video and photos of each stallion are now available on the Stallion Licensing website. ... Læs mere

Stallion Licensing in Full Swing 15-03-2021 - 20:37

This year’s DWB Stallion Licensing is taking place in week 11 and commenced today with the judging of the first nine jumper stallions. See photos of the stallions here. ... Læs mere

No licensing of stallions at Vilhelmsborg 03-03-2021 - 10:15

Due to the authorities' lack of feedback with approval of this year's licensing of stallions at Vilhelmsborg, and in addition the prevailing equine herpesvirus in Southern Europe, Danish Warmblood has consequently cancelled the selection of stallions at Vilhelmsborg. Instead, the selection will be conducted as a selection tour at various locations in week 11 ... Læs mere

65 stallions ready for DWB licensing 17-01-2021 - 15:34

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s DWB stallion pre-selections took place in January behind closed doors at 37 different locations in Denmark. ... Læs mere

Stallion Show 2021: New venue and form 04-12-2020 - 17:59

Due to the many COVID-related uncertainties and restrictions which most likely will follow us into 2021, it has been decided that next year’s DWB Stallion Show will take place at a new venue and in a new form. ... Læs mere

Stallion of the Year 2020: Sezuan 08-03-2020 - 18:45

Unfortunately, in absentia, the triple world champion for young dressage horses, Sezuan was proclaimed  Danish Warmblood Stallion of the Year 2020 ... Læs mere

A total of 21 approved dressage stallions 08-03-2020 - 16:32

At the Danish Warmblood Stallion Selection in Herning 21 dressage stallions were today approved for testing. ... Læs mere

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