Young Breeders of Danish Warmblood to hosts the World Championships 01-07-2024 - 15:02

Danish Warmblood hosts the WBFSH International Young Breeders World Championships at Stutteri Ask in July ... Læs mere

Princess Benedikte & Jan Pedersen interview 28-05-2024 - 10:20

For the occasion of the WBFSH's 30th anniversary the organisation caught ip with HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark and Jan Pedersen at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show ... Læs mere

WBFSH 30th Year Anniversary 17-05-2024 - 10:30

The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) is the independent and international umbrella organisation of studbooks – this year celebrating its 30th year anniversary ... Læs mere

Claus Hansen Appointed New Director of Danish Warmblood 08-05-2024 - 08:57

Claus Hansen, a former member of the Danish Warmblood breeding committee, has been appointed the new managing director of the Danish Warmblood Society ... Læs mere

Danish Warmblood breeding – it is so easy 22-02-2024 - 09:26

Dansk Varmblod – Danish Warmblood – has its origin in Denmark, 1000s of miles away from the United States. The main DWB office is in Denmark and there are no DWB judges situated in the US. And for some, this might make it seem like being a DWB breeder in the US can be a difficult task. ... Læs mere

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 22-12-2023 - 10:45

From Danish Warmblood we send our Christmas Greetings ... Læs mere

Danish Warmblood focuses on horse welfare 08-07-2023 - 15:58

A very hot topic in Denmark at the moment is the police’s and authority’s investigation of horse abuse at a Danish stud farm owned by Mr. John Byrialsen – some DWB members have asked how Danish Warmblood focuses on horse welfare  ... Læs mere

New faces in the DWB Breeding Committee 01-07-2023 - 21:24

During the last few months, a process of finding new members for the DWB Breeding Committee has been ongoing. ... Læs mere

NADWA office temporarily closed 17-06-2023 - 21:04

Due to sick leave, the NADWA office is closed until August 1st ... Læs mere

NADWA office partly closed in March 18-02-2021 - 15:06

The NADWA office is in the process of moving from California to Colorado. For that reason, the office will be closed until the end of March. ... Læs mere

Season's Greetings from Jan Pedersen 23-12-2020 - 17:53

Season's Greetings from DWB Chairman, Jan Pedersen ... Læs mere

Our Office has moved 29-01-2020 - 12:43

The NADWA office has relocated. You find the new contact details here   ... Læs mere

A breeders tale - now breeding Danish Warmbloods on Maui 12-12-2019 - 09:00

Christine Monberg now lives on Maui but is pure Danish. Her love of horses started as a young girl. Find her story here. ... Læs mere

Old photos from the beginning of NADWA 11-12-2019 - 11:53

We have dug into some old archives and found some old pictures from the early beginnings of NADWA - Danish Warmblood's history in the US. ... Læs mere

Time to renew your membership 23-11-2019 - 08:52

It is time to renew your membership: NADWA membership runs from December 1 - November 30 for annual members and 5-year members. ... Læs mere

Welcome to our new NADWA Regional Ambassador 20-06-2019 - 11:27

NADWA would like to welcome Andrea L Hayden as regional ambassador for region 3. ... Læs mere

HRH Princess Benedikte: 75 years 02-05-2019 - 12:49

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte, patron of WBFSH and Danish Warmblood, turned 75 years on April 29. At a celebration of the Princess' birthday in Denmark the pride of her career as a horse breeder as well as her being the patron of the former royal castle, now museum, 22-year old Digby was the surprise of the show ... Læs mere

New address for NADWA contact person 13-02-2019 - 10:30

Our treasurer and NADWA Awards person moves to a new place as per February 22, so please register her new address for all kinds of registrations and forms. ... Læs mere

How to do a change of ownership 05-02-2019 - 17:27

The horse is sold, the deal is done. But how do we make a change of ownership of our Danish Warmblood horse, when living in North America?? ... Læs mere

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