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Claus Hansen Appointed New Director of Danish Warmblood08-05-2024 - 08:57

Claus Hansen, a former member of the Danish Warmblood breeding committee, has been appointed the new managing director of the Danish Warmblood Society

- Claus has a strong and relevant educational background, and we know him as a skilled communicator who is strong in the field of breeding. I am looking forward to the collaboration - it will be really good! States the president of Danish Warmblood Jan Pedersen.


Claus Hansen will take up the job on 1 July, he says: - It's a wildly exciting job that I'm really looking forward to. In my opinion we have a well-functioning stallion show, that part is developing and on right track. The headline for me will therefore be to strengthen communication with the breeders. To support them in selling their horses, and in general to make it easier to be a breeder in Danish Warmblood. That is my mission.


He underlines the huge strength that lies in the great voluntary work, which is carried out by many competent persons at the events and in welcoming new breeders to the association. - The great work done by volunteers is something I really appreciate. I believe that together we can help give the breeders an even better experience at our mare gradings and shows. We can ensure a development where breeders not only get a pleasant day, but also get good, professional sparring and advice.


The 51-year old Claus Hansen has been a Danish Warmblood judge since 2008. In 2011, he joined the breeding committee and later became a spokesperson. In 2022, he stepped down from the breeding committee at his own request.   Claus received the Danish Warmblood medal of merit in gold for his contributions to breeding.

Claus' passion for breeding originates from his childhood home, where his father Willy Hansen bred successfully, and Willy's mare line, as well as the stud name “Åtoften” is continued by Claus and his wife Annette Bugge, who today breed on five lines of mares.


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