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DWB horses ready for Verden29-10-2020 - 13:24

The Danish Equestrian Federation and Danish Warmblood announce the team of three times four horses that are selected for the World Breeding Championships for Young Horses taking place in Verden, Germany

The World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in dressage will be taking place 9-13 December 2020 in the German town of Verden which is home to the Hanoverian society.

Denmark is allowed to send 12 horses registered in Danish Warmblood (DWB) or the Danish Trakehner Society (TAF). The 12 Danish horses selected for Verden are all Danish Warmbloods:




  • Nuuk Melody SRDH by Sezuan/His Highness (bred by Else Rohmann). Rider: Mette Sejbjerg Jensen
  • Sweetnes SRDH by Blue Hors St. Schufro/Tailormade Lancelot (bred by Lisbeth B. Andersen). Rider: Silje Bakken
  • Highfive Fuglsang DVH by Grand Galaxy/ De Niro (bred by Anne Dorte Riis Laursen). Rider: Anders Sjøbeck Hoeck
  • Møllegårdens Dancer DWB by Dimaggio/Bøgelys Camaro (bred by Lone Christiansen). Rider: Jan Møller Christensen

5-year old reserve horses

  • Nobelle BRDH by Negro/Blue Hors Future Cup (bred by H.R.H. Princess Benedikte). Rider: Mette Sejbjerg Jensen
  • Kamar’s Express Noir Hit by Escolar/De Noir (bred by Stald Kamar). Rider: Morten Kappel Petersen



  • Queenparks Wendy GRDH by Sezuan/Blue Hors Soprano (bred by Kurt Gosmer). Rider: Andreas Helgstrand
  • Straight Horse Don Zuan by Blue Hors Zack/Blue Hors Don Schufro (bred by Straight Horse). Rider: Cathrine Dufour
  • Elverhøjs Raccolto by Sezuan/Sandro Hit (bred by Berith Nielsen). Rider: Marianne Helgstrand
  • Blue Hors Touch of Olympic by BHDon Olympic/Fidermark (bred by Anja & Jan Petersen). Rider: Nanna Skodborg Merrald

6-year old reserve horses

  • Odin Unik by Denver TT/Blue Hors Don Romantic (bred by Morten Skov). Rider: Cristian Tudela Ruiz
  • Sauternes by Sezuan/Londonderry (bred by Lena og Ulrik Kristensen). Rider: Janni Dietz



  • Straight Horse Ascenzione SRDH by BH Zack/BH Don Schufro (bred by Straight Horse). Rider: Helen Langehanenberg/GER
  • UNO Day Sun GRDH by UNO Don Diego/Blue Hors Rosoff (bred by Stutteri Uno). Rider: Kenneth Damgaard
  • Favour Gersdorf by Foundation/Leandro (bred by Inger-Marie Andreasen). Rider: Nadja Aabo Sloth
  • Atterupgaard Delorean SRDH by Bon Bravour/Sandro Hit (bred by Atterupgaard). Rider: Selina Solberg Vittinghus

7-year old reserve horses

  • Baunehøjens Carpaccio DWB by Charmeur/Kermo’s White Talisman (bred by Pia Gobert). Rider: Anette Ejlersgaard
  • Tavajo Elton by Tailormade Temptation/Don Lauredo (bred by Elton Heste). Rider: Marie Bjoll Vestergaard


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