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Introducing the Cobra One Fund10-03-2021 - 20:33

A Great Stallion Sparks Compassion and a Breeding Opportunity for A Worthy Cause

The very definition of compassion is the human quality of understanding the suffering of other living things and wanting to do something about it. It is this compassion and true concern for the welfare of horses that inspired Jim Welsh owner of Elite Horse Transport and Cold Spring Run Farm and Cara Kettenbach of Broadfields 121, to initiate the Cobra One Fund.


Hogholm’s Cobra One is a stunning, talented and versatile 2002 Danish Warmblood Stallion. His combination of Capitol and Caletto bloodlines is a pedigree known worldwide as the foundation of some of the most successful jumpers on the international stage. Cobra One was imported from Denmark with the prospect of a bright and successful future based on his athleticism,
international scope, and abilities in both dressage and jumping. Unfortunately, fate had other plans.


Early in his career Cobra One was purchased by Jumpstart Farm in Lexington, KY, owned by Jean-Yves and Saret Tola. Under their care, Cobra One’s career continued to flourish both in the show ring and the breeding shed. After numerous successful breeding seasons, the Tola’s made the decision to sell Cobra One. Regrettably, it was then that his life began a downward spiral unbeknownst to those who had cared for and loved him.

A few years later, Cobra One was found living in a cow barn with no other horses around. Years later, Cobra One was involved in another neglect case where he was being heavily bred and barely cared for. Through all of these terrible situations, Cobra One’s spirit remained intact and he continued to give without receiving, a true tribute to his disposition.

Relief for Cobra One appeared in the form of four caring people who have known this wonderful horse for years. Jane Hayes, of the North American Danish Warmblood Association (NADWA) , Cara Kettenbach, Jim Welsh, and Carol Cohen Hodess (who herself owns a mare sired by Cobra One) all came together to stop the vicious cycle of Cobra One being "passed around" and vowed to provide him with "a good home and a soft landing" for the rest of his life.

Thanks to the combined efforts of these four compassionate horsemen, enough money was raised to purchase Cobra One from an auction. Welsh’s Elite Horse Transport picked him up and took him to his layup and retirement farm in Waco, Kentucky.
Cobra One was not in great condition when he arrived at the farm and his rehabilitation was started immediately. When Cobra One was fit enough, Elite Horse Transport shipped Cobra One to another supporter, Liz Caron. At Caron’s Carbery Fields Farm in Lebanon, Connecticut he is now
being loved and ridden daily by a junior young rider. Cobra One continues to get stronger every day and it is even expected he will be back in the competition ring soon.

Additional supporters soon joined Broadfields 121, Carbery Fields Farm and Elite Horse Transport to ensure Cobra One’s bright future, including Triple Crown Feed, Grey Mare Magna Wave, and McCauley Brothers Inc, further securing Cobra One’s current and lifetime care. Welsh and Kettenbach formed a partnership and started the Cobra One Fund in order to ensure that this amazing stallion spends his retirement years in a safe, happy, and healthy environment. Welsh explained, "The sole purpose for the donations is to give him the life and retirement he deserves."


Thanks to the formation of the Cobra One Fund, Cobra One will peacefully and contentedly
live out his retirement days at Cold Spring Run Farm in Kentucky. Currently, the Cobra One Fund is offering fresh and frozen semen with a live foal guarantee. 
When Cobra One leaves this world for greener pastures, the funds will continue in his name to identify and save other horses facing similar situations. The Cobra One Fund and its creators, Welsh and Kettenbach, are both a testament to true compassion and devotion to the welfare and care of horses. This is also a chance for breeders to get a foal sired by this outstanding stallion
and to give back to a great cause. Welsh encourages everyone to visit Cobra One’s website for more information on how to contribute or to purchase breedings.


To learn more, visit www.cobraonefund.com


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