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What happens when - Elite Mare Show 201931-07-2019 - 10:53

Some of the sparkling future stars can be seen when the Danish Warmblood Elite Mare- and Foal Show 2019 takes place at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus on August 24-25. At the same time Vilhelmsborg is filled with dressage- and showjumping horses for a big show at national level. Furthermore, the Danish Warmblood holds its final qualifier of the 5-, 6-, and 7-year-old showjumpers for the WBCYH in Zangersheide.

Best foals from all over Denmark are gathered


From each of the 7 regions of Denmark, two dressage fillies and two dressage colts are appointed, as well as 1 showjumper filly and 1 showjumper colt foal are appointed from each foal show. Also Norway and Bornholm might contribute with foals for the Elite Show. As the foals are the best of their region, you can expect to see an exquisite collection of foals at Vilhelmsborg.


All selected foals are evaluated on Saturday in their respective heats, and these following four title owners are found:


Best Showjumper Filly Foal

Best Showjumper Colt Foal

Best Dressage Filly Foal

Best Dressage Colt Foal


Auction and huge dinner


On Saturday evening the huge and festive dinner takes place, followed by the Elite Foal Auction where around 60 of the very best foals from the foal shows are up for auction.

The auction lot is revealed during August at our website, showing videos and pedigrees, so keep posted!

The three-course dinner must be ordered and paid in advance, please contact sh@varmblod.dk for further information. At the auction as well as all other events during this show (apart from the dinner) you have free entrance.


Best 2-year-old fillies


From the regional shows and farmers’ exhibition shows all over Denmark the best 2-year-old Danish Warmblood fillies are selected to go to the Elite Mare Show to fight for the titles Best 2-year-old Dressage Filly and Best 2-year-old Showjumper Filly on Sunday. The young dressage mares are shown free in arena during the day, and the young showjumpers are loosejumped in the early Sunday morning.


Medal aspirers – the young newly graded top mares


The young mares aspiring for a medal are exclusively mares with a very good riding test and they are selected to go to this Elite Mare Show by the DWB judges at their mare grading in June or August. A small heat of older performance mares with a passed saddle grading as young, can enter for their own medal class, if they have suffiently high performance results. Among the approx. 40 mares in total, a few – normally around 3-5 mares - get a breeders’ gold medal, some get silver and some get bronze. Among these mares some of the mare seen again as representatives of Danish Warmblood at the World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo and Zangersheide and competing at advanced level later in their carrier.

Examples of medal mares competing succesfully in Verden or Ermelo are UNO Donna Unique, Polka Hit Nexen, Fiontina, Fiontini, Svalegårds Terra, Straight Horse Ascenzione, Straight Horse Sezuanna, Delizia, Atterupgaards Delorean, Red Diamant, and Heiline’s Danciera, and in Zangersheide Chinett Ask, Fendi Ask, and HipHop Ask.


The small, but very well-jumping heat of showjumper mares are shown loosejumping on Sunday morning and the dressage mares are shown ridden in the early afternoon. Showjumper Mare of the Year and Dressage Mare of the Year are appointed and honoured.


Join us at Vilhelmsborg – How to get here


Nearest airports:

Aarhus Airport: approx. 1h15 by car

Aalborg Airport: Approx 1h50 by car

Billund Airport: Approx. 1h30 by car


Who was Mare of the Year 2018?

- and how about the results among the foals?

Find the news items from previous years here.


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