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Four Brillant Gold Medal Mares27-08-2019 - 08:19

The finals for the young dressage mares at the Danish Warmblood KRAFFT Elite Show was a total highlight of an excellent weekend with top quality foals and mares. Four outstanding mares were awarded the breeders' medal in gold

A total of 27 mares were awarded breeders' medals this year at the Danish Warmblood KRAFFT Elite Show. Fifteen mare were awarded bronze and eight silver whilst four mares were invited to the finals. These outstanding mares are:


Atterupgaards Lady Hamilton by Dante Weltino x Stedinger, bred by Atterupgaard and owned by Hamilton Horses in Sweden.

Francisca Lightfoot by Franklin x Michellino, bred by Annette Lyngs & Torben Damsbo and co-owned by the breeders and Helgstrand Dressage.

Polka Fascination M by Fürstenball x Sandro Hit, bred and owned by Sanne Mathiasen.

Feine Galicia V. by Grand Galaxy Win x Gribaldi, bred and owned by Iben Leere Kamp.


These four exceptionally beautiful and functional young dressage mares made up a very interesting final and made it hard for the judges to make their final decision as the mares, despite their differences, are of equally high quality and all of them out of strong performance dam lines.


Danish Warmblood Dressage Mare of the Year 2019 is Atterupgaards Lady Hamilton. This stunning mare was described by the judges as a feminine, expressive and extremely pretty mare with a very supple topline. She has an excellent trot and canter, and she radiates rideability and capacity.


The dam of Atterupgaards Lady Hamilton is competing at international small tour, and among her siblings are a Grand Prix horse, an approved stallion, a gold medal mare, two silver medal mares and two bronze medal mares. Owner Charlotte Hamilton said that she is proud to continue the excellent breeding of Danish Warmblood stud Atterupgaard in Sweden, and for next year she is expecting an embryo foal by Vitalis out of Atterupgaards Lady Hamilton who herself is destined the dressage sport.


In the dam lineage of Francisca Lightfoot whowas Dressage Filly 3 years ago herself, are foal winners, elite mares, medal mares and several dressage horses, of which Anne Grethe Törnblad's silver medal mare and Grand Prix dressage horse, Sascha by Lavallo could be mentioned.


Feine Galicia V. derives from a mare lineage with quite a few elite mares, an approved stallion (Valløs Baron), medal mares and dressage horses, among others the Grand Prix horse Gallardo V.


Polka Fascination M's mother is a bronze medal mare and advanced-level dressage competitor herself and the granddam of Polka Fascination M also produced the gold medal mare Polka Hit Nexen who got a silver medal at the World Breeding Championships in Verden in 2008 and later competed in Grand Prix, as well as many other medal mares and high level dressage horses.

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