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Oak Hill Ranch LLC – the end of an era of DWB breeding28-09-2019 - 15:09

The owner of Oak Hill Ranch LLC in Louisiana, Richard Freeman Jr. is retiring from the breeding business and all the Oak Hill Ranch horses are for sale.

Please contact Regina Milliken at regina@oakhillranch.com or 985-630-3418 for a current sales list.


In close cooperation with the Danish Warmblood association, Mr. Freeman was the co-founder of NADWA in the year 2001. Ever since the DWB breeding commission has visited the US every second year to inspect stallions, mares, and foals throughout the states. In the early 90’ies he bought some really good Danish Warmblood mares in Denmark and started out breeding, but in 1998 he contacted the Danish breeding advisor to make a deal to ensure that his future breeding would be superior; The supreme judges, Poul Graugaard and Svend Sørensen were asked to travel around Denmark and find 6 of the very best 2-year-old fillies among the most succesful dressage bloodlines to form his future breedstock. One of them did not pass its radiographic test, so five 2-year-old fillies were boarded an airplane and sent to the US.


In the following decades he imported among others the two elite stallions Rambo and Solos Landtinus as well as the younger breeding stallion Don Caruso, who all contributed with dressage foals of extraordinary quality at his stud and at other breeders in the US. Furthermore, it was a highlight for Mr. Freeman when he had his young breeding stallion Ripline by Blue Hors Hotline/Blue Hors Cavan/Rambo/Rossi XX licensed. The maternal line of Ripline goes back to Ramona, born 1991 at Ingrid and Jørgen Schultz in Bolderslev, Denmark. Ramona was out the old elite mare Wicky.


For several consecutive years, Mr. Freeman was rewarded as the most successful Dressage Breeder of the Year within USDF.  Very interestingly, at the US Inspection Tour 2018 many of the mare lineages from his purchases in the 90’ies were represented with offspring in the catalogue.


Danish Warmblood sincerely wishes to express our deepest gratitude towards Mr. Freeman who indeed has made breeding Danish Warmblood in the US possible, accessible, and desirable to many breeders all over North America.

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