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Never forget the owner certificate when buying horses26-09-2019 - 08:35

Never forget to get the owner certificate when buying a Danish horse!!

It is very important that you ALWAYS get the owner certificate when buying a horse with Danish or European registration papers.

Additionally, we kindly ask also the sellers to remember to pass on the owner certificates when they sell the horse, since you need it to make proper owner changes in the database. 


The equine passport must always follow the horse with regards to transport and other regulations within the EU, and the passport is very important if you want for instance a mare or a stallion to be judged within the Danish Warmblood studbook.


Have you lost your breed papers or should you be interested in getting a view on the immense work behind a trustworthy and very informative horse database like the one in Denmark that serves Danish Warmblood as well as other smaller Danish breed associations you can find a lot of forms here.

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